I don't wanna fit in
I wanna stay in my skin


Emmy Law is a pop singer/songwriter based in Atlanta, GA. Since moving to Atlanta in 2016, she has advanced to the final round in three of Atlanta’s top open mic competitions: Eddie’s Attic, Red Clay Theater, and Tin Roof Cantina Acoustic Showdown. In May 2017, Emmy finished recording her next EP ‘Fairyland’ set for release in September 2017. Her influences include artists along the lines of Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, and Christina Perri.

In addition to being a performer, Emmy is also a music teacher, cat lover and fan of bands like Copeland. She is currently booking shows all across the Southeastern US and would love to perform in your venue. If interested in booking, send an email to booking@emmylawmusic.com with your name, venue info and potential dates.